Graziadei Surgelati has always paid particular attention to the qualityof its products and recipes. Quality is in fact understood by Graziadei Surgelatiin every phase of production starting from the careful selection and traceability of raw materials, to the care of the recipes up to the control of the finished product both from a product and organoleptic point of view. Graziadei Surgelatioperates in compliance with the regulations regarding hygiene and traceability at every stage of production.



Trentino Apple

Graziadei Surgelati uses the best raw materials that the territory can offer.

Thanks to this consolidated and winning philosophy, the company can boast a production of high quality, controlled and certified starting right from the places of cultivation and harvesting of apples: the product of excellence of Trentino-Alto Adige.

Each selected crop is subjected to strict quality controls, to guarantee the final customer a product made from high-level raw materials and above all of certified origin.