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Melinda apple and berry strudel 400 g

From the meeting of the art of Graziadei Strudel and our passion for enhancing the raw materials of our territory comes this dual signature Graziadei / Melinda product. An authentic sensory experience accompanies every bite of this product in which a crunchy-thanks to the sugar crystals in the coating-and sweet butter puff pastry encloses a filling marked by the natural acidity of berries together with all the sweetness of Melinda apples. The filling is particularly heterogeneous so that each bite is distinguished by a different taste depending on the berries it contains: in fact, the exclusive blend we made includes all six Trentino berries: blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, white currant, red currant to the exclusive wild strawberry.
Ingredients containing allergenic substances are indicated in bold in the Data Sheet and on the label in accordance with Reg. EC 1169/2011. The product contains gluten. May contain traces of milk, soy and mustard
Energy kJ 1190 – Energy Kcal 285 – Fat 16g of which saturated fatty acids 10g – Carbohydrates 30g of which sugars 13g – Fiber 3.5g – Protein 3.5g – Salt 0.56g
Ventilated oven
190°C 30 minutes
Static oven
200°C 30 minutes
Carton : PAP 20 Paper
Pouch: C/PAP 81 Paper

Cooking times

30-35 minutes



Pieces per carton