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Apple strudel in Melinda shortcrust pastry 350 g

The product in the “Melinda Apple Strudel” range designed for quick consumption thanks to a product that is already cooked and also suitable for tempering in a microwave oven. Practicality without sacrificing quality and typicality for true strudel connoisseurs. In fact, this strudel is made with a special short pastry recipe that uses no egg but ricotta cheese for extra softness of the pastry, the apples are sliced-as they would be at home-and enriched with raisins soaked lightly in a rum flavoring to recreate a flavor and aroma typical of a strudel savored in a mountain setting. Finally, the practicality of the product consists in the fact that it can be portioned directly from frozen, and the slice can be tempered either in a conventional oven for a few minutes (crispy version) or in a microwave oven for one minute (soft version).
Ingredients containing allergenic substances are indicated in bold in the data sheet and on the label in accordance with Reg. EC 1169/2011. The product contains gluten. May contain traces of milk, soy and senap
Energy kJ 875 – Energy Kcal 207 – Fat 3.7g of which saturated fatty acids 2.6g – Carbohydrates 39g of which sugars 22g – Fiber 2.6g – Protein 3.2g – Salt 0.45g
Fast mode – microwave oven
600/700 W – 1 minute
Crunchy mode – ventilated oven
180°C – 5/7 minutes
Carton : PAP 20 Paper
Pouch : C/PAP 81 Paper

Cooking times

10-15 minutes



Pieces per carton