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Melinda Classic Apple Strudel 600 g

The Graziadei / Melinda signature double strudel specially designed for the Discount channel. All the know-how in apple cultivation proper to Melinda combined with the art of apple strudel production proper to Graziadei to offer a strudel that can evoke the aromas and pleasantness proper to the prince product of Trentino culinary culture. This is why we reserve baking for the end consumer because this is the only way he or she can recreate at home the aromas and atmosphere proper to a freshly made strudel. We recommend baking for about 30 to 35 minutes at 200° C in a preheated ventilated oven. We recommend letting it cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar to taste and preferably serve with vanilla cream or ice cream.
Ingredients containing allergenic substances are indicated in bold in the data sheet and on the label in accordance with Reg. EC 1169/2011. The product contains gluten. May contain traces of deoia and mustard
Energy kJ 898 – Energy Kcal 215 – Fat 11g of which saturated fatty acids 5.6g – Carbohydrates 25g of which sugars 14g – Fiber 2.7g – Protein 2.6g – Salt 0.28g
Ventilated oven
200°C 30 minutes
Static oven
220°C 30 minutes
Cardboard: PAP 20 Paper
Pouch : C/PAP 81 Paper

Cooking times

30-35 minutes


200°- 220°C

Packages per carton