Graziadei Surgelati

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Graziadei Surgelatiwas founded in 1978 as an artisan pastry shop in the Valle dei Laghi in Trentino, more precisely in Pietramurata(TN).

The company has gradually specialized in the production of frozen pastries – Trentino apple strudel, strudel with berries, puff pastry, shortcrust pastry – respecting the best traditional recipes.

The quality of Graziadei Surgelatiproducts is in fact known both in the catering sector and among the final costumer: the result of continuous attention in the choice of materials and in the development and improvement of their recipes.

The quality of the raw materials combined with the “know-how” allows Graziadei Surgelatito offer it’s consumers products capable of expressing the true Trentino tradition.

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The quality of the raw materials used, respect for the environment and controlled production processes have led Graziadei Surgelati to become an official partner in the production of products for the MELINDA brand.

The product line includes: apple strudel, berry strudel, little apple strudel, apple crumble.