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What we do

Graziadei Surgelati is a leader in the production
Of frozen apple strudel in Italy since 1978.

We are a national reference company in the production of apple strudel frozen, puff pastry And other apple-based specialties. We are considered the specialists in apple processing, as our slogan says “Graziadei the best an apple can turn into“. Our mission is to interpret the main apple recipes according to tradition, without resorting to artificial flavors and additives and using only fresh apples of local origin thanks to our partnership with the consortium Melinda.

The quality of the products Graziadei is recognized both in the HoReCa and GDO, the result of continuous attention to the selection of raw materials and the development and improvement of its recipes.

We are aware that thanks to the use of sophisticated production lines, many years of experience in the field of frozen desserts and the quality of raw materials used, allow us to offer our customers high quality products capable of expressing the true tradition of Trentino.

Our numbers

Strudel products per year
Total tons. of peeled apples
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Strudel products
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Flour used
0 Tons
Robottized warehouse capacity
0 Pallet places
Photovoltaic system power
0 kWp

Melinda Apple Strudel

Since 2011 Graziadei Surgelati can boast the exclusive partnership with the Consortium Melinda for the exclusive production and distribution of its range of frozen brand products.

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